Dressage Arvé By Morten Thomsen

Lesson 40 min (125 euro)

Horse in training ( including stabling from 1.600 euro until 2400 euro) per month

Course per. days (7.5 hours per day 1.610 euro)

(weekend clinic 1.400 E per. day) 

Week course (5 days) (including stabling  775 euro)

Training stay 1 month (20 lessons eksklusiv stabling  2.140 euro)

(Tailormade training stay customized horse and rider)

All prices is in euro and all are plus v.a.t.

Traning stay for horse and rider ( 1700 euro pr. month + VAT) without stabling


Stabling bokses in connection with clinics or lessons. (47 euro + VAT per. day)

Accommodation possible to a limited extent (47 euro + VAT per day)


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