Dressage Arvé By Morten Thomsen


Since 1990, Morten Thomsen has breed and trained dressage horses for international dressage competition.

Morten has ridden in the Olympic Games twice, first in 1988 with Diplomat and then in 2000 when he rode the horse Gay. Furthermore, he has ridden VM, EM and DM several times.




Let´s Go 5 yers old 


Today, Morten is known for his unique ability to train dressage horses in the absolute international top class level. This ability has made him a very respected coach around the world.

Some of the top riders Morten coach today include:  Holga Finken - Germany, Thomas Wagner - Germany, Isabel Bache - Germany, Steffen Peters - USA, Catherine Haddad - USA, Sue Blink - USA, Christine Traurig - USA, Andreas Helgstrand - Denmark, Anna Kasprzak - Denmark, Severo jurado Lopez - Spain.

Other riders Morten has helped include: Ingrid Klimke - Germany, Günther Seidel - USA. 

World Championship 2015

Winner of the World Championship 2015 Servero Juradu Lopez nr. 2 Andreas Helgstrand

Anna Kasprzak and Morten - A training day by Anna 

If you would like to have your horse in training at Dressage Arvé or if you wish to come for a training stay, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Catherine Haddad 2016

Dreamtime & Sarah Piaff and Passage

6 years old DreamCatcher playing with the piaff and passage together with Sarah


Training Pictures

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