Dressage Arvé By Morten Thomsen


At Dressage Arvé quality and comfort is of great importence for both horses and riders.

All boxes in the stable are of the same high quality, with windows to both the inside and outside.

The clinic stable is for riders here for a training stay with their horses. The clinic stable includes 8 boxes, a grooming area with space for 2 horses, a wash box, solarium and tack room. 

Dressage Arvé also have 10 boxes with attached outdoor paddocks, so the horses can decide if they want to be inside or outside. 

The arena is 20x60 m, with many windows and skylights. The arena is a nice bright place to work both for horse and rider. 

There is also a round arena, specially built for young horses. 

The property includes 24 acres of land, including 12 acres of forest, the rest is laid out in grass fields for the horses. In the forest it is maintain wide grass paths, which are the perfect place to walk the horses after training. 

It is not just the horses that are spoiled at Dressage Arvé. If you need a rest you can visit the "casino" where you will find a cozy fireplace lounge with big windows facing the arena.  



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